lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011


When you learn a new language, there are four areas which you must work on, four skills. They are LISTENING, READING, WRITING and SPEAKING. All these four skills must be mastered on an equal level. However, many students usually find that they need to practice some of them more than the others. They feel that they are good at, say, READING and WRITING, they are OK at LISTENING but they have a really hard time at SPEAKING.
So they take a course or private lessons and ask the teacher to practice that one skill that they feel, thay know, is difficult for them. Sometimes, they don't want to practice the others because they don't find it as necessary or as urgent as the one they are weak at.
Don't be fooled. You always need to integrate all the four skills. Perhaps, your teacher decides to dedicate more time to that particular area where you need to feel stronger, but, if your teacher knows their stuff, they will never do without the other three areas that make up a language.

So... are you strong in the four skills?? Is there anyone you need to practice more?? Which one?
I'll open a survey for you to answer, if you feel thus inclined ;-)

How do you plan to improve your weak skill?? There are many ways and most of them are not a torture at all! Quite the contrary, they can be a lot of fun!! Don't believe me?? Just wait for future posts and you'll see!

Have a great week!
Take care!

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